Heedful LTD
HEEDFUL company provides the following services:
  • Engineering and Design, Manufacture and Erection of all parts of the Oil Refineries and Plants of Oil& Gas Terminals, Pipelines, Steel Structures, Power Plants, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), Substations and Industrial Systems, Fuel Hydrant System , Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, and Cooling Towers , Petroleum Terminals , Tanker loading stations , Tank Farms, Central Process Facilities (CPF) , Early Production Facilities (EPF) in accordance with the international standards and specifications stations.
  • To provide all types of services in the field of oil, and the provision of engineers and specialists and scholars and wells and the Geological Survey, processing and sale and repair and installation of all parts and equipment and fixtures on digging the antenna drilling and prospecting and production and the provision of support services the related activities.
  • Maintenance of oil and gas materials and equipment and facilities and carry equipment and hire the latest machinery special in drilling oil wells companies oil sites, and to provide such services for all official bodies relevant to, and the provision of services of fraud and installation and maintenance of the refineries, the towers of the liquidation of the machinery and equipment and installation and import of machinery and equipment and installation and import of machinery and necessary materials of the company.
  • Accepting of undertakings from the relevant authorities and official bodies and government departments of oil, and the acceptance of undertakings processing and the provision of food and foods and materials necessary for the work sites of oil companies.
  • Do import and transfer of all products and oil derivatives from the outside and inside of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and vice versa, and to engage in all tenders and commitments to import, export and transfer of oil derivatives and accept all the commitments and contracts for the supply of public and private bodies and organizations, according to the Trade Act and instructions in force in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
  • To provide services and works in the field of energy within the Kurdistan region of Iraq in accordance with the development by harnessing the rally and the use of national and foreign technology to set up a petroleum energy projects plans, as well as to provide services in the field of energy for special projects and oil companies and investors, and the development of this aspect by using technical elements to support the available resources and use optimal use to achieve the goals of the founding purpose of the company. Whether through the provision of services or consulting or designs or technical training programs in this area., As well as to the preparation of designs and consulting, auditing, supervision and control of the quality and sophistication of quality and implementation of all projects concerning oil and gas energy.
  • Participate in the Auction and Bid special bids to oil installations or production requirements, transport, construction and equipping oil installations and all necessary in this area .
  • Engage in all tenders and commitments and other works that fall within the competence of the company and act in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
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